2023 Plenary Conferences

SEPTEMBER 20th – 9.00am to 10.00am

How to reconcile ethics, AI and marketing strategy?

A growth gas pedal for companies, AI offers almost infinite possibilities for revolutionizing the customer approach, and is becoming indispensable to corporate strategy. The potential of this technology raises legitimate questions about its development and applications:
What are the ethical stakes of AI in digital marketing? How is AI revolutionizing this sector and helping decision-making? What tools for the future of digital marketing, and how can we use them wisely? Why make ethics, transparency and innovation your leitmotiv? And how can we reconcile performance and consumer protection?

Expert answers to these questions, and ideas for building the IA of trust that is essential to consumer and corporate protection.

Moderator : Nicolas ROSSIGNOL

This plenary session will be moderated by Nicolas Rossignol, Journalist and television and radio host for more than 15 years (for TF1, France 2, France 5 and France Info), winner of a 7 d’or, Nicolas Rossignol also moderates corporate and general public events, conferences, debates, conventions, galas… and provides “public speaking” coaching and media-training for executives.
He is also the founding volunteer President of the association “Tout le monde contre le cancer” (Everyone against cancer) which carries out more than 1,000 actions per year in 170 hospitals throughout France, with patients and their families.

Speaker : Emmanuelle LENEUF

Emmanuelle Leneuf is the Founder of FlashTweet, Twitter’s digital Matinale on Digital Transformation, followed by 80,000 Followers across all social networks. Since its creation, the FlashTweet, which publishes the 10 must-read news items on innovation and digital, has been the must-attend information event for digital decision-makers. Emmanuelle Leneuf is also a speaker on topics related to Digital Transformation (AI, Social Media, Metaverse).

SEPTEMBER 21st – 9:00am to 10:00am

CHATGPT allié ou ennemi ?

The new conversational agent using artificial intelligence is a runaway success. With its adoption by millions of people, debate is growing about the impact of this technology on our daily lives. For marketing and customer relations professionals alike, ChatGPT offers a host of benefits, but also challenges practices and raises questions.

Moderator : Thierry SPENCER

This plenary will be moderated by Thierry Spencer, author of the reference blog Sensduclient.com and author of numerous books on customer experience.

Speaker : Eric SARRION

Eric Sarrion is a recognized specialist in new technologies. As a trainer and developer, he has been involved in all kinds of IT projects for over 30 years, working for various companies (software publishers, IT services companies). The author of numerous books on IT development, including several bestsellers, he has just published his new work, “La révolution ChatGPT”, in June 2023.

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